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Baronscourt Estate - a luxury on our doorstep

A sprawling estate, nestled in an extensive parkland and gardens with a stunning backdrop of the Sperrin Mountains, Baronscourt Estate, Newtownstewart is renowned for its award-winning produce.

We, at Oysters Restaurant, count ourselves lucky to be able to avail of such a luxury.

The estate is home to the Duke of Abercorn family whom Oysters has had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with on a personal basis via his visits to the restaurant along with commissioned functions at the estate by order of the Duke himself.

Baronscourt Estate is an important part of local history and culture with its quintessential landscape home to the finest Sika deer and pheasant in the country, some of which you will have had the opportunity to have sampled at Oysters Restaurant.

When the season allows, Oysters delights in having Baronscourt produce a staple on our menu, consolidating our ambition to provide that unique and memorable dining experience.

We are proud to count the Baronscourt team as one of our finest local suppliers and in such close proximity to us.

The recognition Baronscourt produce has received to date speaks volumes! It’s Wild Sika Venison has recently been awarded the prestigious Golden Fork for Northern Ireland. Not only that, but Barosncourt Estate has received multiple Great Taste Awards over the years.

Did we already say how lucky we are to have this right on our doorstep?


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