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From Farm to Fork

At Oysters we deal only with the highest calibre of food source from the adjacent locality and we pride ourselves on offering the finest of beef in the region.

The provenance and quality of our meat origins, especially, is all important and we are extremely proud to have had a long tradition of meat supply from B McCarron Butchers, Raphoe.

Join us in our journey from farm to fork and experience the essence of local produce at its finest…

Bernard and Brian, of McCarron Butchers, source their meat from a farm no further than three miles over the road from the butcher shop, guaranteeing that the meat they provide is wholly traceable and from the finest of breeds.

Farmer Roy Craig, is credited with the breeding and raising of the beef source that graces Oysters‘ tables.

Roy deploys a dual approach in the rearing of his cattle, affording them the combination of grazing in green pastures alongside trough feeding. This practice guarantees wholesome, premium product, entirely traceable and as local as it comes.

Farmer, Roy Craig, Butcher, Brian McCarron & Owner of Oysters Restaurant, Kevin Clarke

The Aberdeen Angus and Charolais are then processed via the abattoir at Edenmore Farm Meats prior to their collection by the butcher himself. With over 44 years of experience garnered at Mc Carrons, the ageing and butchering processes are ready to begin. This initially entails hanging the meat for a 28-day period, allowing the ageing process to ensue.


B McCarrons hanging room

After ageing, the beef is then prepared into sides of fillet or sirloin by McCarrons before undertaking the final stage of its journey to Oysters Restaurant, Strabane. The transport of the beef by the butcher himself harks back to traditional trading methods in itself. A doorstep operation also means that this business opts to place itself on call 24/7 in order to meet it’s customers demands, an unprecedented level of service that is rare to experience in today’s trading world.


Niall Gorham, Oysters’ head chef, checking the origin of the beef


Brian Mc Carron butchering

The provenance of our beef is all important to us and visits by Niall and Kevin to assess and approve the operation at McCarrons guarantees that only the finest product makes it into the kitchen at Oysters. Our Head Chef is proud to be associated with McCarrons, acknowledging the supreme quality and service that this butchers operation offers. To review our beef offering check out our menus.


Brian Mc Carron & Oysters’ owner, Kevin Clarke


Kevin selecting the meat


Kevin with a side of sirloin – his favourite!


Side of Sirloin

We at Oysters, pride ourselves on using only premium products and we fully support B McCarrons in their provision of a top quality product. Beef, lamb and pork are sourced in their entirety from Bernard and Brian, thus securing that only the optimum quality is achieved and offered to Oysters’ clientele.

We hope you have enjoyed your journey from farm to fork with us and that this preamble will enhance further your enjoyment of our beef product.


Beef Fillet


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