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Honey, Honey

Meadow Hedgerow Honey has been a staple in Oysters’s kitchen for a number of months now.

Locally sourced, from as nearby as Melmount Road, Strabane, the raw honey is carefully harvested ensuring the retention of nature’s nourishing health benefits, in an area as the name suggests; surrounded by meadows and hedgerows, home to gorse and broom trees.

Raw honey is known to be a natural immune booster, is rich in antioxidants, helps improve cholesterol, and is said to be suppress hay fever symptoms.

Throughout the year, Olivia Brown harvests the honey from her own apiary in rural Strabane -an area void of industrial pollution coupled with an environmental make-up of ocean washed winds drifting from Donegal and rain blowing from the Atlantic results in the production of some of the purest honey.

The harvested honey is packed within 12-24 hours of being removed from the hive to protect against any loss of aroma, locking in those indisputable benefitting factors.

Why not try for yourself…

You can indulge in Meadow Hedgerow Honey in one of our scrumptious dishes and even take a jar home.


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