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Game and Wine Tasting Evening – 27th November 2015

By Michaela Clarke

We are pleased to announce that on Friday 27th November we will be hosting a Game and Wine Tasting Evening. As many know, this night is highly renowned with many customers constantly asking “when is the next game night?” Well put 27th November in your diary and get booked in as soon as possible. With high demand, booking is essential.

The evening consists of a five course, set menu wherein you get to sample all delicacies through from pigeon, venison and pheasant, all locally sourced. Each course is then accompanied with a finely selected wine to complement the game. A representative from Robb Brothers, our wine supplier actively roams the restaurant, educating our patrons on the selected wine and why it has been deliberately chosen. It is an excellent experiment for the restaurant itself as Kevin can gain much appreciated feedback on the wine which ultimately make their way onto the wine list. Having won Best Wine Experience in 2014, Oysters is well-equipped to host this event.

Oysters invites you to come along and allow your palate to savour the culinary delights of our Head Chef, Niall Gorham. Each course is complimented by a veritable wine matching and sampling experience.

An avid hunter himself, Niall takes pride in cooking venison, pheasant or pigeon, to name a few. Pairing venison with braised red cabbage, roasted butternut squash with a butternut puree and wild mushroom jus.

Our diary is marked

Our diary is marked, is yours?

Keep a close eye on how our preparations are going …

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