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Tonight is the Night

By Michaela Clarke

The night has finally arrived when our diners will indulge in an evening of good food, fine wine and majestic music.

Commencing at 8pm customers will enter the restaurant and be greeted with a glass of our ‘Special’ cocktail of the evening.

The food will then begin with Niall and his team in the kitchen serving up delicacies all evening, ranging from Woodpigeon, Vension, to tempt you…

The evening will draw to a close on the food and wine side with a cheeseboard and vintage port duo to tantalise the taste buds one last time.

Charles Robb, of Robb Brothers Wine Merchants will be here all evening to explain each wine pairing and how it matches exquisitely with the dish to bring out the flavours in both.

You can then sit back and enjoy the superbly talented Ronan Doherty with a share of classic and original songs.


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